cs510 midterm solved papers by moaaz

cs510 midterm solved papers by moaaz

cs510 Past Paper Shared by Saddam 2019

4 disadvantages of semi-structure interview? (5 marks)
state machine ka 1 question tha ? (5 marks)
why it is hard to understand requirements? (5 marks)
visualization ka tha (3 marks)
1 or question tha mujy yad nahi a raha
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cs510 midterm solved papers

cs510 midterm solved papers

cs510 Past Paper Shared by Rana 2018

Mid term paper
Paper was quite easy
Mcqs mostly come from pdf file of mcqs solved by arslan
Some mcqs was conceptual type ..and also from the lecture
1- ways of digramatically reprentation of system requirements(5 marks )
2- there are 5 sentences in which we can define the type of requirements ?(5 marks )
Some of the sentences i remembered
A) there is gaming abc which can be played smothly on laptop and mobiles
B) an islamic website where we can oder online
C)the liberarian can issue only 2 books to he students at once.
3)if u are project manager what are the benefits of requirement modling?(5 marks )
4) what is domain requirement ? Only functional requirement is teh domain u agree ?? (3 marks )
5) why it is hard to understand requirements in software engineering and give two reasons ..? (5 marks )

cs510 midterm solved papers

cs510 midterm solved papers

cs510 Past Paper Shared by Rana 2017

1. Impact of good ethics on performance and activities of organization. 3 marks
2. Social and monetary motives in free economy. 3 marks
3. Define sociology and anthropology. 3 marks
4. Names of traditional benefits of organization setting. 3 marks
5. Any two methods to measure job performance. 5 marks
6. Conclusion of hawthorne effect. 5 marks

cs510 midterm paper

cs510 midterm papers

cs510 Past Paper Shared by Shazia 2015

Explain different types of goals in Non-Functional Requirements (NFR) framework 5marks
How would you differentiate Inverse requirements and domain requirements, during collecting the software requirements, justify your answer with example of each type.5marks
In KAOS object model, what do the following symbols represent?
1) Parallelogram
2) Yellow circle 3marks
Write down the names of three activities that have to be performed during requirement analysis process. 3marks
Write graphic symbol for each of given option of State Machine Diagram:
Initial State
Final State
How could you elaborate the term requirement analysis?2 marks

cs510 midterm

cs510 midterm past paper

cs510 midterm

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