mgt402 midterm papers 2017

mgt402 midterm papers 2017

mgt402 midterm papers solved 2017

mgt402 midterm papers solved

mgt402 midterm solved papers by 2017

mgt402 midterm solved papers

mgt402 midterm solved past papers

mgt402 midterm solved past papers

mgt402 midterm past papers mega file

mgt402 midterm past papers mega file

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mgt402 midterm papers 2017

mgt402 midterm past paper 1 2017

Today my Mgt 402 midterm paper 10-06-17
Mcqz was very easy and mostly from handouts, only two was mathematical types out of18.
Disruptive question was as fallows.
1-How would you differentiate period cost and product cost explain with examples each.
2- How we calculate labor turnover rate under Flux Method.?
3-Explain the difference between
Direct material and indirect material
Direct labor and indirect labor
Step fixed cost and semi variable cost
4-Brefilly explain “Halsey Premium Plan”
5- Distinguish between job order costing and product costing.

mgt402 midterm past paper 2 2013

  • FOH  calculations
  • find out  value of closing finished goods inventory
  • diff b/w salaries and wages
  • Labor cost

  • Job order costing question
  • components of payroll
  • Rowan premium wage plan
  • Quantity schedule
  • LIFO method
  • diff bw job order costing and process costing system

  • job order costing (5)
  • Rowan premium Plan (5)
  • payroll components (3)
  • find out COGS of periodic inventory system through FIFO (3)
  • estimated FOH Find out / OAR (3)

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mgt402 midterm past paper 3 2013

1- What do you think in case of process costing is based on customers' specific order. Explain your answer, yes or no. (3 Marks)


2-  which IAS deals with inventory valuation, n why this IAS does not recommend LIFO method. (3 Marks)

3- Calculations of Labor turnover Ratio... (3 Marks)

4- Job , (5 marks)

5- Halsey premium plan: calculation of gross wages and effective rate... (5 Marks)

mgt402 midterm past paper 4 2013

Total Questions: 27

Total MCQs of 1 Mark: 22

Total Short Subjective Question of 3 Marks:3

Total Short Subjective Question of 5 Marks:2

1- calculate variable FOH absorbtion rate ... pg no. 122 (3)

2-calculate efficiency no. 99...question no.1 of problem question. (3)

3-write formula of closing finished good no.36 (3)

4-calculate departmental rate, data was given (for hints see pg no. 107 ques no. 2) (5 marks)

5- what information is written on job cost no. 74 (5 marks)

mgt402 midterm past paper 5 2017

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