CS101 Current Papers 2023 Midterm

1.2s complement rules to change positive binary number to negative.
2.Module 64 figure names
3.HTML tag that doesn't appear on page.
4.fill search operators according to query
Long questions:
How writer give his ideas in a passage... uska btana tha true aur false ke surat main kay aya wo direct speech use krta ha nai... indirect way say btata ya nai..
Second long question Gardening say related paragraph tha.. uska topic sentence btana tha...
Short questions: Suffix add krnay thay words kay sath
Aur dusra short cloze kay baray main tha...
Mcqs: spelling, tenses say related mcqs thay aur by,it, for e.t.c words lganay thay blanks main ... issi say related mcqs thay
Easy thay paper
Mid Term Paper Fall 2022
Timing 8:30a.m
Exam Phy101
Total 31 Question
27 Mcqs*
2 Short 2 Marks*
2 Long Question 5 Mark's k
Mostly Mcqs From Past paper and Quiz File
Definitions of types of wave.( stand waves, shock waves,* interference, beats)
Or ek tension sy related conceptual tha

CS101 Current Papers 2023 No 2

MCQ's 27 Vu topper nd Junaid ki files mei sy


1: tire-1 ISP explanation.(3 marks)

2: write the two specific register name.(3 marks)

3: columns (5 marks)

4: find batch processing nd interaction processing.(5 marks)

CS101 Current Papers 2023 No 3

CS101 questions
1. Www stands for and web developed by?
2. Excess 4, excess 8 notation of zero
3. Excess 4 notation of 2,-2,-3,4,0
4. Match the column ( USB, Firewie, memory, DSL, 2 or.b.thy)

cs101 Midterm 70 MCQs by vu knowledge

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