CS101 Fall 2019 Mid Term Paper 2019

CS101 8:30 am
Mostly McQs From past papers
1. First computer programmer
2. Linux and mx excel
3. Matching columns of html tages like br tag p tages etc

CS101 12:00PM (14 Dec 2019)

MCQ, Mostly from Quizz and Very Easy (most of them were related to HTML tags and Operating System, 1-2 from Algorithms)
Html for an Ordered List
Pseudocode for Multiplying two numbers
Necessary Requirements for DTP
HTML for Displaying a link, an email with different anchor texts.
bs itna yad hy

Today CS101 Paper: 2019

Mcqs 12-13 Past papers (Masoom Fairy File)
<p> and <br> tag functions in HTML
Write Input or Output Device from following (LCD, Microphone, Keyboard, Scanner and Plotter)
ReArrange HTML (Uss nay Kuch errors diye hnoo gay apko theak kar k likhnay hnoo gay)
Dependent and Independent Functions
HTML with psducode of you're name email and gender?

CS101 8:30 am

Mostly McQs From past papers
1. First computer programmer
2. Linux and mx excel
3. Matching columns of html tages like br tag p tages etc
CS101 Mid term Solved MCQs and Subjective With References by Moaaz,

Cs101 2:30(14 Dec 2019)

Html code for making form including name cell, password cell,gender (male,female)
Html code for unodered list
Languages identification.
Tell which one is compiler based and which one is interpreter based.
Itna yad bss

CS101 Current Paper 2019

Mcqs from past
1. What are <p> <br> in html
2. Describe the syntax in javascript statement
3. exlain Ram and Hard disk are electronic or mangnetic type
4. In jave script html create ur name id and cgpa
5. In html tell the name of student
nane age
Ahmed 19
Kashif 20


1. Conversion of binary to decimal. 3 marks
2. identify five components of operating system.5 marks
3. explain algorithm process to find 20 natural numbers.5 marks
4. 3 component of spread sheets. 3 marks

CS 101 Mid spring 2017

descripitive question cs101
1. write htlml and java script code , so when you press button, an alert message appear with student name , id and gpa
2. are operating systems essential or not. describe with your logic
3. Life cycle of software development. write any 2 type of sldc
4. different website names were given and you have to make a table of website according to category.
5. what is web browser. write name of 3 web browser
By Ishtiaq Ahmed

BY Malik Mooni 2017 midterm Paper

23 question thy max mcq last 5 answer thy 3 n 5 marks k
1. Name 3 memory devices used within CPU?
2. TruthTabl
3. is comercial website. Catogriz the folowng websitx
4. Write Algorithm to find sum of 1st 20 Natural numberz
5. Yad ni h abi itna yad k 2 Name likhny thy ksi chez k

Cs101 Mid-term Paper June 25-2018

By Ayesha
1. Which of the following is not a type of page margin in MS Word?
2. On a website, if you want to move from one webpage to another then it is possible through ________.
3. ______ is the essential property of every JavaScript object.
4. ____________ converts the source code written in high level language into machine language code
5. The name of computer language used by the Defense Department of the United States is ____________.
6. In html, the text area tag (<textarea>) defines
7. Which of the following software is the best suited to tie together all important activities and major systems of an organization into a single software system?
8. Which of the following manages the resources between hardware and software?
9. After 7 there is no digit in ____________
10. In JavaScript, the use of 'var' with a variable name is ___________.
11. If we use <INPUT type=“password”> in HTML, what will happen?
12. If we use <INPUT type=“password”> in HTML, what will happen?
13. In developer specification phase, the user requirements are defined in a more ____________ way.
14. Which of the following is not an essential hardware component of the computer?
15. Two categories of Desktop computers are ______ and ______.
16. The text written in _________ tag is only displayed on the webpage.
17. Which of the following CPU's component is responsible for supervision of processes in a computer?
18. To start an ordered list from 20 instead of 1 in HTML, the correct HTML format will be ________.
19. List down Al-Khwarizmi’s Golden Principle. 3marks
20. Write down the major difference between Serial and Parallel Port, which type of communication port is used for the Printers? 3marks
21. You are required to write HTML code to display a text box and a submit button with following requirements: 5 marks
Default value of text box should be “Virtual University”
Text on Submit button should be “Click Here”
22. You are required to write HTML code to display a Submit Button. Also write JavaScript code inside the tag of submit button that will display alert box with text “Hello World!” whenever this submit button is clicked. 5 marks
23. In your opinion, what is a URL. Also give at least three examples of valid URL’s. 5marks

cs101 midterm live paper screenshots


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